Key differences between trade and commerce, difference between trade and commerce, trade vs commerce

Key differences between trade and commerce

Business Activities are grouped into two broad categories, i.e. industry and commerce. Commerce is concerned with facilitating the exchange of goods and services in the economy. It is sub-classified as trade and auxiliaries to trade. Many people think that trade and commerce are the same terms and can be used interchangeably. But the fact is both the […]

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Meaning and Features of Partnership

In this article, we will discuss Meaning and Features of Partnership. The partnership is the association of two or more persons who can pool in required resources like capital, skill, knowledge, expertise etc in such a way that together they form a cohesive team, leading their business towards the achievement of their common goals successfully. The […]

meaning and features of sole proprietorship, features of sole proprietorship, nature of sole proprietorship, characters of sole proprietorship, what is sole proprietorship, meaning of sole proprietorship

Meaning and Features of Sole Proprietorship

There are different types of business. In this article, we will discuss the Meaning and Features of Sole Proprietorship. A business that is owned, managed and controlled by a single individual is a sole proprietorship business. The word ‘sole’ means ‘only’ and ‘proprietor’ means ‘owner’. Thus, sole proprietorship business is the business which is owned, […]

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Meaning and Functions of a Promoter

MEANING AND FUNCTIONS OF A PROMOTER Promotion of a company is the first important preliminary stage wherein necessary steps are taken for the registration of the company.  The persons who undertake the task of promotion are called promoters. In this article, we shall discuss the Meaning and Functions of a Promoter.

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Key Factors For Starting a Business

Current scenario of cut throat competition implies far too much of risk for any business. Even going concerns have to be extremely alert about retaining or expanding their market share not to speak of a new entrant. Any person wanting to start a new business must consider some key factors in mind before starting a […]